it takes

boldness & skill

to rise above ourselves and succeed in implementing data privacy, with a


digital-ethics mindset

some items worthy of discussions:

Changes in the definitions of health practices without consultation of those affected, and utilizing out of the ordinary privacy practices


The battle for browsing on conquering it.


our purpose

To bring awareness that the physical and digital realms must foremost ensure the protection of the rights of individuals, as we continue to innovate and transform digitally, across the globe.

what we do

We gather to discuss best practices in designing, implementing, and delivering product and services that contain data privacy and security by design and by default, to honor one of the highest callings of digital ethics.

who we are

Professionals from all walks of life that play a direct or indirect role in data privacy at its core architectural stage, or at its delivery point when in contact with the intended audience/customer.  These are technologists, lawyers, risk managers, architects, designer, marketing and communications specialists, business owners, developers, human resource professionals, students, and many more....

what to expect from our sessions

  • Our workshops are offered by invitation only (contact us at, and attended by professionals with a variety of backgrounds, who are interested in accelerating and enhancing their digital privacy skills, within a digital ethics framework

  • We address topics such as: how to implement regulation in practical ways, how to improve the organizational resiliency through privacy practices

  • How to prepare for potential litigation

  • Which tools to use and when - we are vendor agnostic

  • How to reduce the cost of data privacy initiatives

  • More...

Cutting vegetables

how is it done?


understanding key laws and regulations, customer expectations, design alternatives, choices in software, and mechanisms of effective compliance are some of the key elements to succeed with data privacy 

monthly blogs

Insight from our members on privacy impacting issues, technologies, and trends....

Privacy Mind is run by a group of professionals that care about improving the way in which we live and work, while incorporating digital privacy principles

Similing Team

walking the talk...

Interview with Idka on Digital Ethics at Universities



Paola Saibene, Founder, Chair
Paola Saibene, Founder, Chair

President - Innovation-TVA; CEO Quartus Factor; Founder PrivacyMind Digital Ethics | Global Risk Management | Global Data Privacy | Cybersecurity | Strategy & Innovation | Company Acquisitions

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Pablo Romera, Director, Sponsor
Pablo Romera, Director, Sponsor

Consultant | Innovation Guidance | Business Development | Technology Market Insight |

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Curry Nichols, Sponsor
Curry Nichols, Sponsor
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Jason Denton, Sponsor
Jason Denton, Sponsor
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